When in France….

Did I mention that during the bathroom remodel Louis kept joking around about including a bidet? “This bathroom plan is worthless if you don’t include a bidet. We need to rearrange everything…. don’t fight this, we need a bidet.” I explained that I wasn’t even sure I could find a bidet in the US and that changing the plumbing would cost way too much. “No bidet” I said, “you can use one when we go to France”.

Well, we are in France, visiting my parents in Paris. Last night, I was brushing my teeth when I noticed the bidet in the corner.
Me: “Louis?”
Him: “Yes?”
Me:”It’s time.”
He popped his head in.
Him: “Time for what?”
“Time for the bidet,” I said while turning on the faucets. There was a mix of fear and excitement on his face followed by a look of extreme contentment as his butt cheeks touched the warm water.

The bidet

The next day, after breakfast, I am trying to get ready to go out. I knock on the bathroom door.
Me: “Can I come in? I need the mirror to put my hair up….”
Him: “Just a minute.”
I wait……
Me: “What are you doing in there? are you…???!!?”
Him, screaming: “I’M IN FRANCE!”

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