Boston reclaimed hardware store

Today, I had a medical test done at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston. When I finally got out, I decided to take a stroll through Beacon Hill and buy myself something really big. Then, on Charles street, I stumbled upon this place:


Vintage hardware? yes please.

Did I ever mention how much I love vintage hardware? I’m obsessed with it. I once almost got crushed by a giant backhoe because I was trying to salvage a victorian glass door knob from a discarded door at the dump. I saved it. It’s so pretty. It’s like a giant diamond. Anyway, hardware is the best. It’s like vintage jewelry for your home. And that place was full of it.

Magical door

Even the door was pretty. So I pushed it and entered. Inside, it was like Olivander’s wand shop…

Endless drawers full of endless things

or Ali Baba’s cave….

House jewels

The guy behind the counter was younger (and cuter) than I expected. When a customer that was looking for a very specific piece marveled at his knowledge of the inventory, he responded with a grin: “this is a family business, I grew up in this store, I know where everything is…”

Love that door knob!

Definitely going back there sometime soon…

I didn’t buy anything big for myself, not this time, but I have my eye on a few things for next time…

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3 thoughts on “Boston reclaimed hardware store

  1. Dory Jalbert

    Can you tell your wishes perhaps? I would love to know! We have a very special wedding we are going to in October… and would love to find the perfect gift for them!

  2. Gef Flimlin

    I have an old oak three drawer dresser and I need new handles for it. Does this place have a website? If not, let me know the address. It’s been way too long since I’ve been in Boston.

  3. Gef, 123 Charles Street, right by Mass General. But unless you’re looking for an excuse to go to Boston, I would look on e-bay, etsy, and websites like Rejuvenation, Restoration Hardware or Anthropologie. They have amazing stuff. Anthro is my fave for hardware.

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