Before and after – The garden

Everyone likes a good before and after. Side by side. Enjoy.

The veggie garden – April 11 to May 5th

The rhubarb by the bench – March 23 to April 18

The Euphorbia polychroma – March 23 to April 18

Ten days for a subtle change  – April 18 to April 28

PS: I love my rhubarb. If you don’t have one, plant one.

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Tour du Jardin

My mom is an amazing gardener. She has an incredible memory for all plant things. She knows the latin names of every flower or tree she has ever grown.  Naturally, she is a member of the National French Horticultural Society. Her garden is incredible.

My mom's garden

Her favorite ritual is the “tour du jardin,” an early morning garden round, usually performed in her robe and slippers, dedicated to assess the general state of things. She has done it for as long as I can remember. She always loves when someone tags along and will talk about her plants until the normand cows come home.

Well, I’m a grown up now. I have my own garden. It is young and far from glorious, but I find myself in it sometimes, in pajamas and slippers, just checking things out. The weather has been so hot these past few days, everything has been pushed in overdrive and this morning, there I was, for the first time of the season. Here is what I found:

My giant alliums are out!

Last year I invested in some giant allium bulbs ($7 a bulb!), planted them in the fall and hoped for the best. I have been very nervous all winter, wondering how many would come out…3 so far, not too bad. If a rabbit eats them, I’m making “lapin a la moutarde”!

The hellebores are blooming

Here is another kind, also beautiful

Hellebores are real beauties.

Euphorbia polychroma

Another fall purchase, euphorbia polychroma. It looks very happy, I cant wait to see it in bloom.

The rhubarb

The rhubarb coming out is a true sign of spring for me. I got this rhubarb at a fall plant swap 2 years ago. It was a huge, gnarly root. I took it home, cut it in 3 pieces and put it in the ground. All the pieces grew. It was absolutely gorgeous last year although I think this spot is too sunny for it.

Decorative oregano

I saw this oregano at a nursery last fall and completely fell in love with it. I had never seen anything like it. I brought it home and planted it. A few days later Margot told me it would die, it was too fragile for our winters. So I covered it with leaf mulch and hoped for the best. Well, we barely had a winter. So here it is.

Alchemilla mollis, the lady's mantle

The lady’s mantle. It was all over my mom’s garden growing up. The dew just sits on the leaves in the morning….

In the raised beds, the garlic I planted in the fall is up. I am hoping it will keep the bugs down.


The few vegetables I left in the beds started growing again. Can I eat them?

Collard greens

Brussel sprouts

Obi followed me around the whole time. She had a blast.

Obi Wan Catnobi in her favorite pose

What’s coming up in your yard?

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