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Bathroom remodel – the framing

So apparently, none of the walls in my house are straight. It happens. Nobody’s perfect. The problem is when you buy straight things to fit in rooms with not-so-straight walls. Like a bathtub for example. Then, you gotta straighten those babies up and it requires some framing, and since I’m not a carpenter (not yet!) then I called one.

I have to say he did a great job, putting in the new subfloor, straightening up the walls with wood strips, he even installed little metal pads for the bathtub feet.

New subfloor and little metal pads.

He was only slightly pissed when I announced that the tub ordered was cast iron, weighed over 350 lbs, and was sitting in the driveway, waiting for him to just “slide it in”. I have to admit I had not thought of the practical aspect of sliding a 350 lbs mass 10 inches on raw wood. Well, practically, it doesn’t “just slide”. “We’ll do it tomorrow when you’re at work,” he said, “that way you won’t hear us because there is going to be some serious language flying around.” Really, dude? I’m French, I grew up with more nudity and cursing you will probably be exposed to in your lifetime. We don’t have blips on our TV. Sergeant Murtaugh says “I’m too old for this SHIT” and all the Battlestar Galactica characters use fuck, not frac…oh, and you see A LOT of Mel Gibson’s ass. Also, since I grew up in a different language, none of the curse words or embarrassing subjects trigger the feelings of shame they usually would in a english native brain. So I’m all set. Curse all you want. In fact, if you stay in this house too long, I might shock YOU. Seriously.

The drop in tub.

My Kholer Highbridge. Isn’t she nice? Now all she needs is some really big guys and a little cursing.

Bathtub in place with the knee wall

Bam, she’s in. Then the knee wall is built.

The valve

Time for Jeffrey to put in the Kohler valve before the Durock goes up.

So, then I called my tile guy, told him it was all set and he said “I’m gona rock your bathroom tomorrow,” and I got really excited. Yeah! Awesome! I like this guy! and then I realized it was short for Durock. Less exciting.

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